EK DX Group 11m Band World Contest 2022


Start 06.08.2022 06.00 UTC, End 07.08.2022 18.00 UTC (only 36 hours)

Attendees: All EKDX Group Members
There is only 1 !!! ranking.
HQ Station is not counted in the ranking

Registration is possible via the EK website https://ekdxgroup.eu/ and the log can also be downloaded there. It is also possible to later send this log back to EKHeadquarters@gmail.com as a paper log. The log must be returned to HQ EK or directly to toni13ek111@gmail.com by 08/14/2022 at the latest.

All starters must be registered.

We work without(!) Progressive Numbers. Frequency: 27000 Mhz -27800 Mhz only FM, USB, LSB

CQ EK WC on 27.555 Mhz and QSY! NO QSO 27.555!

Point system :
Contact: EK HQ 50 Points
EK -EK 10Points
EK to no EK 1Point,
other countries +5 points,
other continent +20 points,every DXCC + 10points


13EK111 – 23EK100 5+20+10+10 =45points
13EK111-13DB001 1+10 points =11points
and so on see above…

All contacts in clusterdx.nl can be spotted. Important without comment contest! Normal contact only. The spots are also used later to check the contacts.


1-3 prize cups
4-10 certificate

The ranking will be published later on the EK website and EK Facebook page.

We wish all participants a lot of success and fun!

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